What program suggestions can I get for my teens church curriculum?

First, I believe you must know that being a teens leader is what God has called you to do and only Him can lead you do whatever is right. Moses was a great leader but his suggestions based on experiences could not have worked for David. A different calling, a different people, in different places may just need different programs . However, some suggestions are below:

A.      One Day WAEC/ JAMB Orientation Program

Yearly in Nigeria, millions of senior high school students write these exams in their final year. Making good grades in their West African Examination Council Exams, gives them a stronger confidence to write the Joint Admissions Matriculation Board Examinations. The Joint Admissions Matriculation Board Examinations, or JAMB as it is popularly called comes up once in a year.  The number of candidates who write these exams does not seem to drop. The big issue is that many are rewriting these exams because they’ve filed in their previous attempt(s). Some may have even passed but because of the competition amongst such a large population, they lost out. You can organize an orientation program for your teens, their friends and other teens around the community. You can go around looking for educationalists, teachers etc. that either invigilate, mark or work at  WAEC or JAMB and make them your resource speakers. They can enlighten the students more about how their exams are marked, mistakes they should avoid, things that knock out students, unnecessary things candidates do that they shouldn’t, and things students do that impresses examiners most. It can also be an avenue for career chat where teens can hear from and talk to people from different fields. You may also seize the opportunity to share with them What God says about cheating.


B.      Computer Literacy Program (During a short holiday and continue even after resumption).

You’ve got lots of reasons to add this to  a teens  Church curriculum. Teaching someone how to use the computer can be very impactful. A computer literacy program helps the parents to save some money (computer acquisition training and), and helps the teen to meet up with the computer driven world system. Getting to know about computers would also give him/her some advantage some way, somehow, and sometime.

C.      3 Days Skill Acquisition Program for Teens (During a short holiday).

 Hat making, soap making, shoemaking, hair dressing, printing, perfume making, catering, vulcanizing, phone repairs, web design, graphics design, system upgrading etc.  As disorganized  as the list above may be, they have been helping to keep some people in order. They may come useful one day or way. Of course not all can be poured into one’s  brain in 3 days. You can just design an enrollment form and let them indicate which of the skills they would love to acquire.

Getting resource persons is not so difficult. They are in the church. If they are not in your congregation, go check another. Go talk to them on Sunday under the Church roof if you want to get them in the program for free because when it is Monday, you may be talking Monay.

D.      Enrollment of teens in musical school.

Haven’t you seen YouTube videos of teenagers playing musical instruments and you are like OH MY. That could be your teens church. This is more like the computer thing.  Weekend musical flute or piano classes are not bad at all.

E.     Mathematics Class:

Hundreds of thousands of dollars has gone into the examination malpractice market in making sure that there is a pass. One of the senators that students and even parents pay so much to assassinate is Mathematics. Mathematics has rendered hundreds of thousands of results useless as almost all the courses in higher institutions require a pass in Mathematics. Why do people cheat? Why do people pay someone else to impersonate them in exam halls? The candidates give a lot of reasons. One is “I did not prepare”. A mathematics class handled by a qualified tutor may just be the perfect cure.

Many have also failed to provide their answers in the ways they should despite the fact that they know the answers to the question. Let’s have a Mathematics class every weekend.

F. Teens vigil.
Teens can be night owls most times. I’m typing this by some minutes past 2am in the morning. We can have a vigil, show a film (you may ask me for recommendations), and discuss it. It could also be a praise night, prayer vigil or games night.

G. Plant-A-Farm, Pay-A-Bill Project:

I had this idea by God’s grace when I was a teen’s president at my zone. It was one way I felt we could learn and develop ourselves and still give to charity.

The farm:

This is Africa. Agriculture is a part of our culture. Unfortunately, the economy is focusing on other resources. The youths are not motivated towards having some knowledge about farming let alone making a living out of it. Few high school leavers opt in for horticulture, floriculture, botany and other related courses of interest in colleges and universities. More so, a large number of schools do not have a school farm that gives students the opportunity to practicalize what they are being thought in class.

Do you have a vacant piece of land at Church? It may be for another structure that may not be starting so soon (pls not the car park). Depending on its size, you can make a big maize, carrot or green vegetable farm (I can’t really recommend on this as I don’t know the climate of your location. I recommend asking your teens so it’s more of a team work).

This plantation can be maintained by teenagers split into teams competing for the best and numerous produce. This motivates a passion for nature and a consciousness of the climate around them. After harvest, a little portion of the farm produce can be shared amongst all "farmers" and the best team gets a prize.

You guys may now get a vegetable or fruit seller that you can sell the produce to at a "producer" or "distributor" price                                                                                                                                                        

The pay:

The money? This may go into a charity account or into something you may call evangelical charity.

Look around for an hospital. Find a teenager (or more depending on how much you've been able to gather. This may even be an elderly person as you guys may feel led) who has been admitted into clinic because of an illness (its more evangelical and interesting when the teenager is not a Christian). Visit this teenager from time to time during his/ her stay in hospital. Make him/ her happy. Bring along a media player. Watch Christian movies together. Just make friends so that he or she may know your Friend.

In some cases where the teenager or parent plays difficult, you may either choose another teenager or just pay the bill, leave a flower, a DVD, tract(s), a book(s), Church invitation and of course a Bible.


Other ideas could just include

·        Start up of a teens monthly fellowship

·        Formulate a teens prayer team

·        Street evangelism from time to time

·        Set up of a teens library or book club.

·        Family movie night


In everything you do, make sure Jesus is center of it (1 Cor 10:31). However, some icebreakers for your youth activity may just keep the group physically alive.

 Daniel Damilola Obiokeke

Picture: Lagos Province 29 Teenagers- Joy Queen

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