Why is it that people think am a different human being? Just because [I] am a poet, [people] make me look like one alien coz I do everything human being does. Just tired of people differentiating me from others.

Odd One

Dear, I want to thank you for letting out your mind on this issue bothering you.

Let’s begin.

One thing about life is that it comes in two sides, first one says: not everyone will like your dreams, ideas and aspiration, "meaning not everyone will like you."

Second one says: "not everyone will hate your dreams, ideas and personality”. Meaning some people will choose to love and support you no matter what the case may be.

1Tim 4:12 says: let no men despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, conducts, love, spirit, faith, purity.

In our Christian race one thing is certain, people will always stand against you but the Lord has promise to raise a standard. Let me also remind you that His words are ye and Amen.

My dear in conclusion, I want you to hold on to what God has said concerning you. You are special, unique, gifted, and above all; God’s favourite. The Lord has placed you on a higher domain and it doesn't matter what people think, say, plan or even conclude. It is what the Lord has said about you that will stand. Surround yourself with people who believe in what you do. And if there is none, it only shows how extraordinary the gift upon you is. It’s like gold and only a few knows which is which.

As a star shone the manger of Jesus, only wise men with substance could see it. The people of Bethlehem could not even see it. So, do not fret.

Keep kicking bro. Jesus has got your back. SHALLOM....

Deji Adekunle

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