Can we talk about masturbation?

Masturbation is the act of being sexually aroused by oneself. Masturbation takes place in a man in other for him to satisfy his sexual arousal.

In the world today, several case of masturbation are heard of, ranging from various age possible. This has eaten so deep in the life of many that a day is never complete with them masturbating.

Masturbation leads to removal of sperm duct, and may lead to low sperm count. This condition is one that could see an individual being unable to produce young ones.

Masturbation, comes as a result of someone lusting after another person of the opposite sex. Masturbation has denied and deprived so many people of their position because it has decayed so deep into them, making it a lifestyle to them.

John10:10 'The devil worketh about like a roaring lion seeking for whom to devour. Masturbation is a means careful crafted by the devil to lure man into sin. Masturbation blinds the eyes of a man making him see no wrong in doing it.

The devil rejoices whenever an individual plungs into the act of masturbation because he knows that the destiny of such person is in his hands.

Dear Friends, masturbation is not worth the exchange of your destiny; so why then do you indulge in it? Decide to stop today and the devil will flee from you.

How Can I Stop?

Truly, it is difficult to stop suddenly an act you've imbibed, but it is possible. You only need to take the bold step to stop and work towards it gradually.

Seek Counsel:

This is medium for you to share your issues with someone above you, and someone willingly to help you. A problem shared is a problem half-solved, therefore go to someone you can trust, and speak with such a person. Be rest assured that your secret is safe; consistent meeting with such a person will see you pulling out of masturbation slowly but steadily.

Accept Jesus:

Masturbation is a sin, and in overcoming it which can only come through the grace of God, it is wise for you to forsake your old life and embrace Jesus the restorer of lives. Allow Jesus gain access into your life, and He will give you a life better than anyone you ever lived.


After seeking counsel, it is your duty to pray your way through out of masturbation. The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous man availeth much. You too can pray for yourself, and this will give God an inkling of your genuineity which will make Him give you a renewed life.

With this steps, be rest assured that your life will be reformed, reborn, revitalised and you will begin to leave it the actually plan of God for your life. Be good, and consistently work towards being better, and better you shall BE!!

Joshua Oke

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