I want to serve God, I have the Word of God in me but don't have the boldness to talk in front of people. I want to talk about God to people. What can I do? ?

In the area of feeling shy, fearful for a large crowd, or not being confident to speak to many about Christ, God in His mercy has given many young men today maximum boldness through the Holy spirit to manifest the supernatural on earth. Let’s make a quick recap and study in the lives of some of the apostles of Jesus Christ. Peter, for example, through study was recorded to be a shy type, not confident, scared of losing his life for the Gospel. In John 18:15-17 Peter denied Christ (though Christ already foretold it). He did deny because:

1. He was scared to die along with Christ.
2. He was not bold enough to defend his identity.
3. He was not confident to speak due to the gathering of people he was with.

All of these traits (in confidence, lack of boldness, shyness etc.) still falls back to the spirit of fear and God’s Word assures us in 2 Timothy 1:7 that "…God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." The spirit of power, love and a sound mind is the desire of God to:

1. Preach the Gospel
2. Heal the sick
3. Raise the dead up
4. Cast out demons
5. Face trials and tribulations etc.

To continue our research on Peter, he alongside other disciples found out a secret and remedy to overcome fear, shyness and lack of boldness. They all found the "HOLY SPIRIT".

After the outpour of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples in Act 2: 1-4, something strange happened in Act 2:14. Peter who was once shy, not confident, not bold and scared exploded forth the Word of Life to the crowd in Jerusalem and from verse 14- 40. Peter kept on speaking words, spreading the Gospel to ears and the outcome of the Holy spirit in him who gave him boldness in verse 41 was a total of 3,000 souls.

Waoo! What an experience to behold. That a shy man can talk through the Holy Spirit and 3,000 men, women and children were saved. Something similar happened as well in Act 4:1-4. The same Peter was arrested alongside John, his brother, for preaching the gospel and despite the 5,000 souls won in Act 4: 4, Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit spoke to the rulers of the people with boldness. In Act 4: 13, the rulers could see that these men were uneducated and untrained men. So how possible was it that they spoke fluently with great skill and an utterance of boldness they have never seen before?

In Act 4: 29-31 we saw that after they were let go by the rulers, they still went back to pray and ask for boldness. In verse 31 more was given unto them. You can't have too much of God’s blessings. It’s better to have too much than to have none at all.

Where you see your faith shaking, it means fear and doubt is already setting in. Kneel down, pray and ask for the Holy Spirit if you don't have Him yet and if you already do, ask Him for more. In all things, seek the face of God through the Holy Spirit to establish His Plans and desires for you.

Are you shy and not bold enough? Seek for the Holy Spirit. He will direct you and teach you all that you should know and how to carry out Instructions and come out with awesome result.


We Love you.

Jesus Loves you more.

God bless you more . Amen

Solanke Lekan

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