I hardly find time to pray each day. My zeal for God is becoming cold and the more I try to pray, the more I'm not just feeling God in it.

Most of the time, we all try to 'talk' for God. We claim "I feel he's far from me", or I’m not feeling Him in my prayers. Whereas he's done nothing but stick by us 24/7. Know this, if you truly gave your life to Christ. "God did not love you because of what you did or did not do, so He wouldn't withdraw His love for you because of what you did or will do". You need to get to the understanding level that He wants you more than you want Him.

It is true that you are incomplete without him, (Col 2:10-"And ye are complete in him...) but you need to understand that he loves you more. To confirm this, He said in Isa.1:18”come now and let us reason together..." Believe you me, until and except you accept His unfeigned love for you, you'd keep feeling He's far from you when He's not. The bible says in Heb.4:16 that you should come 'boldly' to the throne of grace that you may obtain mercy to help in times of need.

Permit me to posit that "prayer is not something you are, it’s something you do"...

Prayer is not an art but an act. Prayer is not about 'how much' but how well .i.e quantity, not quality. God knows that we are human and we tend to fail in certain responsibilities such as praying to him. Little wonder why the God said we know not how to pray, but that the spirit helps our infirmities (weakness) and intercedes for us with deep groanings that cannot be uttered. Praying in the Holy Ghost helps us to connect with the heavenlies. Jude 20 says "building up yourselves in your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost".

As a child of God, God has given us all we need to commune and establish a sound relationship with him. The devil however doesn’t want that, so he tries to create all forms of distractions you can think of, he even plants excuses, flimsy ones on our minds, and mostly makes us feel God if far from us. But know this: God is, has, and will never be far from his people.

Truth is one cannot do it alone, you need the spirit of God. Ask God for help; map out reasonable time to talk to Him and study His word. Leave the stage of "trying" to "trusting". Trust God to help you.

Moreover, God is not something to be felt, He's not a thing but a person. True we feel his presence, but it goes way beyond that. And over time, I’ve come to know that there isn’t such thing as "prayer life" rather "spiritual life". And prayer is a crucial part of the spiritual life. As a matter of fact, without prayer your spiritual life is as good as dead, because your spirit needs connection with its source to grow, but once it's denied that, it shrinks gradually and if proper care is not taken, it dies.

Now, the desire to pray comes from one's love for God. Take for example, you love a girl, and enter into a relationship with her, you'd definitely want to express your love to her. You call her more frequently than before, text her anytime you get the chance to, make sure your voice is the first she hears every morning and the last before she goes to bed...you even try to move close to people she cares about... That exactly is the same with God.

You love God?? Take time out to 'talk' to/with him every morning, even if it is just 5mins to start with, then another 5 in d afternoon, and probably 10 in d evening. Trust me, it only gets better. You'd want to spend more time with Him, because the more you drink Him the deeper you want to get. And if you truly want to communicate with God, don’t do all the talking, allow him speak too, that 'still' but strong voice is soothing and pleasant to hear you know. Study his word and ask him for a word daily.

To conclude, but not finally, my dear friend, over the years I’ve come to realize this: there is no prayer warrior anywhere, only a God that answers prayers. Whenever you do miss your prayer time or feel you have not prayed enough, go back to God, fall on your knees and worship Him, he'd surely hear you. He awaits you daily, He loves you. *smiles*, if you were the only one on earth when Jesus came to die, He would still have died for you! Trust God. Let Love Lead... Shalom.

Onajinrin Abisoye Esther

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