Please, How can I combine studying my Bible with my education? I find it real difficult since I got into university. It's not easy for me.

I am glad you made it to the university. Congratulations!. Out there are many other teenagers who are desperately seeking admission and making vows like, “God, if you can do it this year, I will serve you even more”.  I really appreciate your love for God and your sincerity over this matter. It’s not really easy but easy by His spirit walking in us.


Being a friend of God requires constant fellowship with Him and also to be an “A” student needs a constant continuous fellowship with your book. We need to study to show ourselves approved. (II Tim. 2:15). The apostle advised us to be studious to prevent shame and disgrace. I must tell you that your Christian walk and academic life requires study.


While studying at the university as an undergraduate, I was also faced with similar challenge but God helped me out. I am of the school of thought that as a Christian walking in grace, grace must be evident in my grades. Believe me, it was so. I gave a strong commitment to my academics that was not known to my peers and even a stronger commitment to my fellowship with God.


Let me share a few tips with you.


§ Interest: My interest was in God’s work and walk than schooling. However, I found out that great men of God in this generation were all educated, properly educated and greatly tutored. I learnt to put in more effort to my study in school. This really helped to engineer the zeal to balance both. 


§ A Problem Solver: As I changed my focus and tried balancing these two areas of my life, I began to walk with God alongside my academics. I discovered that many questions from my class work and examination has a base in the scripture. It therefore means that study of my bible can make me pass well than ever. Hence, my bible also became one of my textbooks. With this, I study my bible even as I read my book. I became an approved student and a friend of God.


§ The Alternative Approach: Forever, Oh Lord, thy word is settled in heaven. The word of God doesn’t change but the media of presentation cannot be the same. God taught to get the word from other sources as well. I remember so well during my final year examination, my daily schedule was so ‘tight’ such that I was even to busy to have my bath on daily basis. This was all I did; I played spirit filled messages from my phone (MP3, Laptop, etc) while cooking, toileting, walking to/fro school, church, market and every other possible places. I just made it a duty to constantly have myself surrounded by the word. You can do the same.


§ The Better Time Method: This I learnt during my NYSC year. I served as a Graduate Assistant at a university far north and it was another busy time for me. Initially, I tried hard to balance my Christian walk with career, ministry, relationship and business. All I did through the inspiration of God was to allocate time to specific and core areas of my life. Check this example. (Learn to create on to fit into your busy schedule and life style)


 08:00am - 04:00pm   (Career / School Activities)


 04:00pm - 08:00pm   (Personal life {rest/sleep, eat, wash, movies, play), Relationship, Personal business etc.)


 08:00pm - 10:00pm   (Ministry {counselling, writing, broadcast…), Programme planning, Intercession, etc)


 10:00pm – 12:00am (Quiet Time and your walk with God)


This timetable has helped me to discipline myself especially in the area of time management. I don’t attend to any issue when it is not its time. You can try the same. It worked for me and it will surely work for you.


§ Pray and Meditate: I love to pray in the Holy Ghost every time. When I drive, eat, sleep, toilet, bath, cook, dance, walk, and anytime anywhere I am led even at the shopping mall. Build up your most holy faith, pray in the Holy Ghost (Jude 20)


and thou shall meditate there in (Joshua 1:8) . Learn also to meditate the scripture the Holy Spirit brings to your remembrance. Spend quality time over and over on it to get the rhema behind it because the letter kills. Do this and walk in the love of God.


Avoid guilt and do not let the devil claim any ground in your vineyard. You are a child of God and you love Him as He loves you too. Walk in the right company where the word of God is the basis of discussion not argument. Let God put you through the more. Rely on Him, trust Him and you shall testify.

I believe these tips will work for you because God taught me these while on campus.

#Be_Better  #I_am_Joshua


Replied by Joshua Oke

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