What can I do to engage myself after school while I wait for my university admission?

Congratulations! So you just finished secondary school but arrgh, staying at home has been so boring and the admission list seems to be taking forever to roll out.

 Well, it’s smart not wanting to stay idle. But the big question is, what's going to engage you?

Many young school leavers opt in for jobs as clerks, sales personae, but most especially factory jobs and teaching jobs. Although it can't be proven true, I think 8 out of 10 primary schools have at least one SSCE holder as a teacher.


But I think before you spend this precious time on anything, you need to consider some things.


Will I gain an experience that will have long term benefits?

Is it CV “appendable”?

Is it legal and parent approved?


Will I gain an experience that will have long term benefits?

Don't look for the money yet. You should hunger for knowledge and experience.

Wait, don't just scroll down. I know you need the money but serious there's something else you may be interested in looking at.

Sometimes, after secondary school its best for one to learn/acquire knowledge about a skill or craft or get a job that will build up one's person not just financially but economic wise. In the university where you are going to by God's grace, there are many young lads who can't foot up all their finances and there are some in their shoes who sustain themselves with one thing or the other which they've learnt before coming to school.

Have it in mind that whatever you do should be profitable to you in university or maybe after. Make long term bets.

Learning or acquiring a skill in computing, hair care, tailoring, mechanics, electronics, catering, bead making, painting, radio electronics, aluminum and metal work, art work, photography, sign language, etc. is not just going to engage you today.  You may even take a standard course on some of these things that will get you certified. It can take you places and keep you places in future.


When I was in secondary school, I learnt web designing. After secondary school, I was a printing apprentice. Before I got admission, I got a information technology outfit that offered me N15,000 alongside the experiences I would add to my web design knowledge. I've earned quite a chunk of fortune from printing and computers over time to help myself and family.


There are a lot of people on campus and beyond who are moving their communities and families because of some knowledge in one thing or the other which they acquired in times like this.


Is it CV appendable?

This question goes in hand with the previous. Do ask yourself; years after this job, can I scribble it on my resume? There are a couple of medical doctor, pharmacologists wanna bees working at pharmacies, orthopedic homes just to gain a forehand experience on what they want to do.

For example, attending conferences or doing things in your community that has to do with your career path can help. To keep this article short, you may just connect me or use the ask portal and let's talk about it more.

Not all experiences should relate to your degree anyway. Sometimes you see an A working in a K company. It's not always because of corruption we have such. Sometimes, it’s because the person has done or engaged in something relating to K once upon a time.


Is it legal and parent approved?

If you are reading this, there are high chances that you are a teenager and still under your parent's care. As a teenager, there a jobs that are no nos. Factory work, marketing (looking it critically) among others may not be too safe and legal. Mum may not like that and you should respect that. There are also jobs that the government and global child right laws may have ruled up against your kind of work eg factory related jobs where conditions are terrible for even adults.


You may also…

Work in a cyber cafe.

Render typing services to schools around for their newsletters and exams

Work in a bakery

Do laundry for households in distant or nearby neighborhoods

Put in your skill/ service into a creative business.

Whatever you choose to do, just have the future in mind. All the best!


Bolutife Akindele is a very good example of what we are talking about here. The excellent, fast rising photographer took most of his post high school to build his Rome.

Daniel Damilola Obiokeke

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